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Job ID:                 3041

Position:             Die Attach / Wire Bond Engineers / Sr

Location:            Penang




Responsibilities & Duties :

To oversee the die attach and wire bond processes in order to obtain a high yield and achieve targeted output.

-Resolve and provide solutions to improve wire bonding yield and quality
-Resolve and provide corrective actions to customer complaints
-Conduct DoE to enhance process optimization
-Liaise with Product Development and the technical engineering group on new equipment, process and devices introduction.
-Perform defect and failure analysis of all anomalies and excursions related to Die Prep/Die Attach
-Perform DOEs and evaluations to improve process capability and robustness.
-Drive, initiate and implement continuous improvement projects on yield, quality/reliability, cost and productivity



Minimum core qualifications : Engineering Degree / Masters in Electrical, Electronics, Mechatronics, Mechanical, Chemical, Physics or Material Science
Familiar with WB: ASM Eagle 60AP, Esec 3006, Exec 3008, DA: Esec 2007, Alphasem, Saw: Disco DFD 641. In depth process skills on FOL
design, gold wire and DA epoxy material/functions/properties. Supporting tool design like wb capillary and da collet and gold or copper wire bonding
Related experience in a semiconductor environment. Have been in a senior role for at least 3-5 years.
Must be able to supervise a team of technicians
Cheerful, a natural Leader and motivator and a hard worker
Must be familiar with Microsoft Office applications


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