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Job ID:                 2049

Position:             Metal Material Expert / Staff Engineer

Location:            Dongguan, China.



Expert of metal material on Cu, Ni/Au, Ag and solder material used in IC packaging to solve mentioned metal material related issues and stuff. In charge of lab tools for material characterization & failure analysis.


  1. PhD/Master Degree/Bachelor Degree in metal Material related Science, Engineering, Applied Physics, Mechanical or related engineering discipline.
  2. Master Degree with over 5years or Bachelor Degree with over 8years working experience in related metal material used in high volume semiconductor manufacturing environment.
  3. Strong experience in related metal material
  4. Familiar with metal material related analysis tools


  1. Responsible for metal material related project.
  2. Carry out technology research and development on metal material application level.
  3. Tracking and collection of relevant metal materials in the IC package of global trends.
  4. Development of metal materials management and technical standards.
  5. Able to handle failure mode and effects analysis, participation in product failures, quality issues, technical issues and put forward views on IC packaging.
  6. Good, and always ready to learn new and share knowledge and technology among team on related metal material.
  7. Other works on metal material under PTD department.  

Essential Skills / Attitude


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