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Job ID:                 2045

Position:             Wire Bond Expert / Staff Engineer

Location:            Dongguan, China.



Expert in Wire Bond process for yield improvement & cost reduction. To guide engineers & provide solutions on process problems using analytical and engineering approach.


  1. PhD/Master Degree/Bachelor Degree in Material Science, Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering or related engineering discipline.
  2. Master Degree with over 5years or Bachelor Degree with over 8years working experience in related process in high volume semiconductor manufacturing environment.
  3. Strong experience in Wire Bonding Process (Au & Copper wire)
  4. Familiar K&S, ASM, ESEC & Shinkawa wire bonder
  5. Experience with 0.8mils gold wire
  6. Experience with copper wire.


  1. Able to lead a team of engineers with coaching and guiding engineers/technicians.
  2. Leading, driving and initiating improvement activities (yield & cost reduction) with cross functional team in Wire Bond.
  3. Guiding engineer on trouble shooting with DOE approach, problem solving, report writing & presentation skills.
  4. Interaction with customers.
  5. Buildsheet & design review.
  6. Champion for all wire bond issues that cannot be solved in line level.
  7. Provide support on project initiated by others.

Essential Skills / Attitude



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