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Job ID:                 2040

Position:             Operation Director / Manager

Location:            Kulim Hitech Park




Deliver product to meet customer commitments
Related Most Critical Tasks:

    1. Track and know status of delivery performance
    2. Hold the manufacturing team accountable to schedule attainment
    3. Represent the operations group within Entegris to those who impact the manufacturing process (Sales & CS, Product Mgmt, Engineering, etc.)
    4. Manage the factory resources so that there is sufficient capacity to achieve the required production volumes

Manufacture defect free products in a safe environment that meet GSC metrics 
Related Most Critical Tasks:

    1. Assure ongoing improvement in product quality as measured by CAR’s, QN’s, and Audit Results.
    2. Deliver manufacturing processes with demonstrated continuous improvements
    3. Hold managers and employees accountable to established processes and procedures
    4. Manage the operations team to key results areas and GSC metrics
    5. Operate plants in accordance with EH&S requirements

Meet established cost controls consistently
Related Most Critical Tasks:

    1. Manage actual costs to budget
    2. Achieve cost savings target
    3. Improve the process so that variances are continuously reduced

Manage and develop a high performing operations management team 
Related Most Critical Tasks:

4-1. Establish performance measures and KRA’s and hold managers accountable
4-2. Hire high performers who fit job requirements (know the position)
4-3. Set development goals for managers and coach them to achieve
4-4. Conduct performance reviews and provide opportunities for training
4-5. Give clear direction and reward the top performers often

Establish Lean/Sigma as the guiding operational culture

Related Most Critical Tasks:

    1. Coach and mentor staff on Lean/Sigma tools
    2. Support lean events
    3. Establish Continuous Improvement as a daily habit (CI calendar)
    4. Implement the appropriate measures that will drive CI. 

Represent the facility to all appropriate stakeholders
Related Most Critical Tasks:





Additional requirements/attributes:

1.  The successful candidate needs to operate at a high energy level, with demonstrated passion for operations.
2.  Be able to conceive and implement a plan/strategy, that delivers measurable results. 
3.  Be able to communicate effectively in multicultural environment, and gain the respect of his peers throughout the company.
4.  Must be action oriented.

Nature and Scope:


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